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Oliver F. Lehmann, MSc, PMP, born in 1957, works as a trainer in project management with a focus on certification of professionals. He is also adjunct professor at the Technical University of Munich and author of books and papers. 

Oliver Lehmann's focus area is Project Business Management, the discipline that deals with projects whose success depends on the collaboration of customers and contractors as business partners. When the numbers of companies involved grows, they often build highly complex, opaque, and dynamic Project Supply Networks (PSNs) to achieve the mission of the project. Oliver Lehmann has done research to better understand the structures and the driving forces for the dynamics inside these networks and help practitioners manage them more proficiently. 

Oliver Lehmann believes in situational approaches to project management, based on the observation that the same practice that has been successful in one moment in a project may fail in another one. His book "Situational Project Management - The Dynamics of Success and Failure" gives advice what approaches and leadership behaviors match what types of projects. His new book "Project Business Management" will be published in summer 2018 and use the situational scope to narrow the focus on customer projects, that he contemplates from both sides, sellers and buyers.

Oliver Lehmann has been a volunteer for PMI since 2001. He has written monthly analyses of troubled projects for PMI's member magazine PM Network from 2004 to 2006, published under the title "Launch" on page 1, and was the President of the PMI Southern Germany Chapter from 2013 to 2018. He is a regular author for the PM World Journal magazine.
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