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Chang Shucha is the founder of Project Management Review (PMR) magazine, a 4-year-old influential magazine with forward-looking and global perspectives. Besides publishing magazines, Chang Shucha is also in charge of other business units of PMR all-media platform such as PM book publication, PM training courses, PM conferences, etc. By means of various media forms, she builds a bridge between theory and practice, between China and the rest of the world.

She has played a prominent role in the rise of project management publication in China. Professor Wang Shouqing praised her as the person who understands publication most in the field of project management and the person who understands project management most in the field of publication. 

Chang Shucha is also Deputy Secretary-General of the Project Management Research Committee (PMRC) of Chinese Society of Optimization, Overall Planning and Economical Mathematics, Executive Member of Beijing Project Management Association, and Research Fellow of Praxis Research Center (China).

Having worked in the field of publishing and media for over 3 decades, she keeps on learning all the time. In her colleagues’ eyes, she is a result-oriented enabling leader, who is flexible and good at empowering team members while sticking to the strategic goals. She is not only a media professional who helps spread project management but also a PM practitioner standing at the frontier of PM development. 

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