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Driving Innovation through Projects

In this issue, we focus on two topics "Innovation Project Management" and "Emergency Project Management"...


Cover Articles

Driving Innovation through Projects

In the era of VUCA, innovation happens at unprecedented speed. Only through continuous innovation can an organization embrace new opportunities, win sustainable competitive edge and be able to respond to changes. Though project management is essential to innovation, literature search indicates that people seldom associate innovation with project management. That’s why we planned this feature focusing on "Innovation Project Management".

Date with Editor-in-chief
Innovation Is Impossible without Management
EVOC Group is a Chinese high-tech innovative enterprise majoring in research, development, manufacturing, marketing and system integration of special computers. PMR Editor-in-chief Ding Ronggui had a dialogue with Lin Shimei, vice president of EVOC Group to explore their innovation secrets.

Exploring Emergency Project Management Approach
The year of 2020 starts with disasters and crises worldwide. In the face of those challenges, experts note that project management concepts, methods and tools can play an important role. "With the frequent occurrence of earthquake, typhoon, epidemic and other emergencies, the project management mechanism will become an important part in national governance," Professor Ding Ronggui said. In this column, several experts contribute their insights about Emergency Project Management from different angles.

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