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Transnational Project Management: Service for "the Belt and Road" Construction

Author: Qi Anbang

Publisher: China Electric Power Press

Publishing date: 2020

ISBN:ISBN 978-7-5198-4735-7



The book is aimed for project management with the "transnational" feature. The principles and methods of transnational project management are discussed in detail. Different from the traditional principles and methods of daily operation management or domestic construction, investment and R & D project management, the book provides a set of principles and methods of transnational project management and evaluation involving cross-organizational, cross-cultural, cross-language, cross-time zone, cross-national governance structure and fiscal and taxation systems. 

The book consists of four chapters. The first chapter is the introduction of the characteristics and management principles of transnational projects; the second chapter is the evaluation of transnational projects, including technical and economic feasibility assessment, micro environmental assessment and macro environmental assessment; the third chapter is team management of transnational projects, including the construction and capacity management of transnational project teams; the fourth is cross-cultural project management, including the cross-cultural impact of transnational projects and its response, communication management, risk management and change management.

The management principles and methods provided by the book can benefit multinational project managers in practice and it is also useful to management and engineering undergraduates and postgraduates.

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