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A General Guidance on International Construction Project Management

Author: Liu Yi

Publisher: China Electric Power Press

Publishing date: 2020




Project management is not only a practical science, but also a comprehensive application of multiple disciplines. Based on many years' practice, the author combines theoretical analysis and practical application harmoniously, divides chapters according to the functions of a project management department, and guides readers into a "big map" of International Construction Project Management via the way of "telling stories", "talking about ideas in vernacular" and "key words"

This book is aimed to help readers get general knowledge of International Construction Project Management so that they can clearly choose the direction of further in-depth research and development based on the knowledge. At the same time, more than 200 Chinese and English keywords selected by the author enable readers to learn about the actual operation of international construction projects. 

This book can be used not only as a practical reference manual for the engineering project field and related industries, but also as an assistant for China's practitioners to enter into the international environment, and a practical guide for college students preparing to get involved in construction project management.

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