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Entrepreneurial Project Management

Author: Qi Anbang, etc.

Publisher: China Electric Power Press

Publishing date: 2020.8




The biggest difference between this book and the existing textbooks such as "entrepreneurship" and "entrepreneurship management" in the market is that this book discusses what entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship management are from the perspective of modern project management, that is, how to carry out the evaluation and management of entrepreneurial projects.

The book consists of three parts. The first part (Chapters 1 and 2) discusses the principles and management of entrepreneurial projects; the second part (Chapters 3-7) is the principles and methods of demonstration and evaluation of entrepreneurial projects, including the business opportunities of entrepreneurial projects, the resources needed for entrepreneurial projects, the teams of entrepreneurial projects and the risks of entrepreneurial projects. The third part (Chapter 8-12) is the principle and method of entrepreneurial project management, which involves the principles and methods of entrepreneurial project process management, Management by Objective, resource element management, risk element management and comprehensive integrated management. 

These principles and methods of entrepreneurial project management can be used by entrepreneurs to guide entrepreneurial activities, for undergraduates and postgraduates of management and engineering, and for senior managers and decision makers engaged in venture capital projects.

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