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“Project Management Review” Magazine is sponsored by State Grid Yingda Media Investment Group. The magazine provides an all-dimensional multi-perspective introduction of latest domestic and international project management research advances and application cases. We pay special attention to project management accomplishments, experience and lessons learned from companies’ going international. We focus on globalization and specialization of project management and professionalization of project managers. We are committed to promoting project management theory research and application and enhancing the competitiveness of companies.

Main columns: Cover Articles, Top Interview, Foresight, Chief Viewpoint, International Perspective, Special Research, Career Pulse, PM+, etc.

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With “Project Management Review” as the core, we also have Project Management Watch (digital version), PMR App, PMR official Weibo (Chinese twitter), PMR official Wechat, professional PM books, PM online classes, etc. We also host or co-host conferences on project management. With a combination of traditional and new media forms, we strive to achieve our goal “In step with progress, In line with projects”. By integrating the strengths of traditional and new media forms, we aim to create a platform for PM professionals to learn, share, communicate and interact.

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